Its Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

I’m one of those oddballs who genuinely likes Christmas music. From the hymns sung in church, to the classics, to the contemporary renditions of those classics, I love it all. Suffice it to say, every radio I own has been almost completely locked to the local Christmas music 24/7 station (101.9). While unpacking my things from visiting the folks for Thanksgiving today, I turned on the radio for some background music, and decided to tune to a different radio station for a little while…come to find out there are now TWO radio stations doing the 24/7 Christmas music thing (105.3 being the second)

The Grinches out there may want to stay away from the radio this holiday season. I love it, though.

Five Words…

I got the news today that I was not picked for a job I had interviewed for. I’ve gotten rejection letters and emails before, but I think this is the first time I’ve actually gotten called by someone to give me the bad news.

Frankly, I’m not sure its much better. The attempts to sugar-coat it and reassure me that “you would have gotten the position…BUT” don’t help soften the blow any…I just kept waiting for the HR gal to JUST SAY IT…JUST SAY IT and get it over with so I can spend the rest of the day second-guessing myself, and next few days being a grouchy jerk…just in time for the holiday, too.

Just spare me the BS and just say “You were not good enough.”

Metal to the Pedal!

Metal to the Pedal
Originally uploaded by EdSoliz

At first I was considering a repair kit for my beleaguered Rock Band bass pedal (see previous entry). A repair kit has a metal plate which is attached to the busted pedal with self-tapping screws. It would do, but there would be nothing to stop the underlying plastic from breaking further, and driving some screws into something made out of plastic might make that happen just a bit quicker too.

Cost: $25 Certainly a few more bucks than I what wanted to spend, but what the hey, that upgrade to Rock Band 2 wireless drums can hold off a bit.

I then read about PedalMasters who sell a complete metal replacement for the entire pedal. There would be some work involved in removing the plastic pedal completely and replacing it with the new one.

Cost: $30 A few more bucks, but hey, there would be NO chance of that sucker breaking. After an agonizing 3 days waiting for the Postal Service, I got my prize and put it all together. Even for someone as mechanically un-inclined as myself, it was fairly easy, though there were a few rough spots. The verdict?

This. Kicks. Ass.

I can’t say it any better than that, the pedal now has a much better feel to it. The increased weight reduces the push back from the spring underneath and it is much more comfortable to use. Even after playing “YYZ”, “Call Me”, “Ballroom Blitz” and “Rio” on Hard difficulty my leg felt pretty good. I can hit the triple-bass notes in YYZ (though I can’t say much for the REST of the song) and it ROCKS.

Once I get the Rock Band 2 set, I may replace its stock pedal with this monster. Big thumbs up to Pedal Masters!