27 Things I Noticed In My Just-Bought Home

homeAfter about 2 months of looking, negotiating, gathering money and signing a metric crapton of papers, I am finally in my new (to me) home. Of course, I noticed a few things:

  1. As mentioned previously, we didn’t discuss which, if any, appliances were going to be left. They left behind the one thing I didn’t want: the electric range.
  2. I took a peek inside the oven and wished I hadn’t. I don’t think it has EVER been cleaned.
  3. On the plus side, there appears to be a gas line present. Time for an upgrade!
  4. Well, after I buy a refrigerator, first.
  5. and get the utility guys to make sure the gas line is good…guess it might be a while. :/
  6. Seriously, it looks like it was never used, some people just don’t know what they’re missing
  7. No refrigerator, but there’s a water line so I can get an ice maker.  Woo!
  8. There is a general air of uncleanliness around the place. The oven, the tub needs scrubbing, the floors need sweeping, and the carpet is shag-nasty!
  9. I even had to sweep some webs and stuff from a few walls…ew.
  10. Speaking of the carpet, there’s this weird red-pink fuzz all over the master bedroom floor??
  11. Checking the keys, I found one that didn’t work in the outside locks…it was for the master bedroom. Oh-kaay.
  12. …and the second bedroom door doesn’t lock.  I’m sensing some trust issues here.
  13. The doorbell doesn’t work, and I thought I was antisocial.
  14. It’s only temporary anyway; I want a doorbell that sounds like the one from the Jetsons…seriously!
  15. Finding bug traps everywhere…well, maybe if they cleaned up a little.
  16. First major upgrade (after a gas stove) will be a new shower/tub, but for now some bleach and a good scrubbing will have to do.
  17. People have gotten smarter about their network security, no open hotspots nearby.
  18. Spent the first night vacuuming and filled up the machine’s dust canister after one bedroom…EW.
  19. I don’t think I’ve ever filled up the dust canister when vacuuming my whole apartment.
  20. Yeah, definitely going to need a new shower head, I like to feel the water bouncing off my chest like I’m Superman
  21. I’ve never had a garage before, its nice.
  22. Scratch that, having a garage is AWESOME.  Yes, it has rained recently, why do you ask?
  23. I found what appear to be used plastic bags and aluminum foil in a kitchen drawer…I wonder if the previous owner was also Mexican.
  24. I didn’t think I was going to need a lawn mower anytime soon and then heavy rain came down the day I got the keys.  Nuts.
  25. Once again, I get to pick between the duopoly of suck for internet: Time Warner and AT&T 😦
  26. Actually, I think I’ll go with Clear
  27. Damn, it feels good to be able to walk around in my boxers again!!

Minor Details

homeI don’t know when the light finally came on, but when it did, I’m pretty sure I did a facepalm. After weeks of negotiating prices, repairs, dates and all that yadda yadda yadda on the house I want to buy, I realized that I had overlooked one important little thing:


You know, those little things that make life more convenient: a refrigerator to store food in, a stove to cook that food on, and a washer and dryer to wash clothes that have gotten dirty after cooking and eating said food.  Since the disposition of the appliances is not in the home purchase contract, I could open up the door on Thursday to find the aforementioned modern conveniences waiting for me….or I’ll be making an emergency trip to Ye Olde Electronics or Department Store for a new refrigerator and stove.

It’s not as bad as it seems:   If there is no washer and dryer, then its back to hanging out with the freakos at the laundromat.  As far as the stove goes, I plan on replacing the it anyway because the home has an electric stove, something which I have learned to loathe during my many years of apartment living.  Things might get a little dicey without a refrigerator, though, because I really like cold sodas and dairy.

Oh well, just as long as they leave the hot water heater.  Then again, I’ve gone without hot water, too! 😉

Up-and-Down Grade

I bet my size 14 would get great reception

I bet my size 14 would get great reception

I’ve had smartphones for quite some time, going all the way back to my T-Mobile Dash running Windows Mobile 6.0.  From that ‘charming’ system I moved to Android with a Samsung Moment on Sprint, and am currently using a Motorola Photon, also on Sprint.  My contract is coming up in a few months, and instead of contemplating which phone I’m going to upgrade to next, I am actually considering downgrading to a not-so-smartphone.

Why?  Three reasons:

First, like many other folks, I’m trying to cut back on expenses, and the $80 a month I currently pay for my cellphone plan (and that’s with an employee discount) is a big one that I would love to reduce. I could easily get a month-to-month talk-and-text plan from Virgin Mobile that would cost half what I’m paying now while keeping me on Sprint’s network, which has been pretty good for me overall.

Second, I’m starting to wonder if Android phones have a limited shelf life: my Samsung Moment started crapping out a few months before the end of the two year contract that I purchased it under and the pattern appears to be repeating itself with my Motorola Photon.  I think I’m done with Android at this point, and while I could get an iPhone or maybe even a Windows phone, I’m not sure I want to.  I’ve never had the latest cell phone so being a step or two behind the times isn’t a big deal to me.

Thirdly, ever since I purchased my iPad mini back in December, I have been using my phone less and less for internet stuff.  Thanks to the built-in 4G LTE modem and bigger screen I find myself reaching for it whenever I need to check my social networks or need to Google something.  While it costs $20 for 1GB of data per month, that has been more than enough for me given my limited use of video and since WiFi is more pervasive now.

While this isn’t the first time I’ve thought about downgrading to a not-so-smart phone, having the iPad this time around would make living without one much easier.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get a flip phone, or a phone with a physical keyboard…or maybe even one with a pull-out antenna! 😀