cf1cover2012 Furry Convention Short Story Collection

Fiction, Furry, Super-Short Stories

Published : December 21, 2012

8 Super-Short Stories

8,100 words

“The term “furry” is used to describe people who enjoy media featuring ‘furries,’ or cartoon animal characters.  “Con Fluff 1” is a collection of eight original short stories written for furry conventions based upon their themes.  From fantasy to steampunk to the post-apocalypse, starring dogs, weasels and jackalopes, “Con Fluff” is furry fun for everyone!”

Con Fluff 1, 2 and 3 are collected in Fuzzy Words


“All’s Well That Ends Well” for two jackalopes living in post-apocalypic North Texas. Written for Furry Fiesta.

“The Hunter” gets his fondest wish granted, but not in the way he expects. Written for Anthrocon.

When an “Emergency” happens on an airship, can a lord and lady save the day? Written for Megaplex.

A giant dog rampages through a city but “The Defeat of Hudogulous” will inevitably come. Written for Oklacon.

A writer learns to always give credit “Where Credit is Due.” Written for FangCon.

Television’s future is “Coming Soon,” much to the annoyance of a janitor who pines for the good old days. Written for MidWest FurFest.

“Withdrawal” is never a pleasant thing to witness. Written during Oklacon.

Two friends discover that sometimes you have to go back to the “Status Quo.” Written for F3