Super-short stories for your enjoyment!

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A Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic.


“All’s Well That Ends Well”

In a post-apocalyptic world, furries exist, but don’t always get along.



A scientist’s experiment brings an unexpected result.

 science fiction

“A Rainy Day Encounter”

A mouse encounters a rook and offers him some advice.

 bluepaw This story is narrated!

“Christmas Wishes”

Away from home, a young man on a lonely holiday has an unlikely visitor.



They sometimes come when you least expect them.


“San Japanic Attack!”

Supervillains crash the party at San Antonio’s largest anime convention.

“Location, Location, Location”

Two friends get lost for an unexpected reason.

science fiction


It isn’t always welcomed.

“Poker Face”

The best one in the world doesn’t always help!


“A Thoughtful Gesture”

A pair of rabbits provide one to a…wolf?

bluepaw christmastree


It is important to find the right one.

“All In The Name”

Justifying Dr. Evil

“Attack of the Die Mistress!”

“San Japanic Attack!” rewritten with a hero.


A cat, a mouse, and a realization.


“Method of Revenge”

Evil sometimes has to adapt.

“Home Team”

It isn’t always easy to root for them.


“Another Conversation”

What happens to a Muse when she is no longer needed?


A close encounter we weren’t quite expecting.

science fiction


They aren’t always good.

science fiction

“Plan of Attack”

I blame the aliens.

science fiction

“As Designed”

Human-like computers can sometimes have human issues!

science fiction


Trips to the dentist are even harder for some folks.


“First Impressions”

Meeting the parents isn’t easy when a predator and prey are dating!



A drummer plays to his own beat, much to his conductor’s dismay.


“First Impressions, Part 2”

“Having someone for dinner” doesn’t always mean what you think!


“Special Delivery”

An inexperienced messenger sends the wrong message.


“Language Barrier”

A trio of college-aged foxes hit one on a trip to a border town.



A woman gets exactly what she wants from a genie.


A werewolf gets more than he bargained for.

“The X-Mas File”

The Yule is out there!


“Rules of The Game”

Every sport has to have them!


“Lawn Care”

Everybody does it their own way.

“A Texasland Tea Party”

A young bear finds herself in a strange place.