Ten Beary Short Stories

Fiction, Furry, Super-Short Stories

Published: May 13, 2014

10 Super-Short Stories

11,600 words

Con Fluff 1-3 are now collected in Fuzzy Words

“The furry fun continues in “Con Fluff 2,” Eduardo Soliz’s second collection of super-short stories written for furry conventions that took place in 2013.

Tales of pirates, time travelers, supervillains, cats, dogs, a few dragons and more can be found within!”


A space-faring feline runs into some trouble in “Katie Swift and The Dog Pirates.”  Written for Further Confusion.

A pair of jackalope scientists discover time travel and become “Future Tensed.” Written for Furry Fiesta.

A skunk unknowingly steals a briefcase, not knowing it contains “The Tell-Tale Tie.” Written for Biggest Little Fur Con.

A noble knight hunts his prey in “Geoffrey the Gallant and the Dark Dragon.” Written for Wild Knights.

A married fur sneaks away to spend time with “His Other Love.” Written for Anthrocon.

In a small town, two “Flukes at the Hop” dance the night away. Written for Megaplex.

San Antonio’s largest anime convention suffers a “San Japanic Attack!” when two super-villains show up to crash the party.  Written for San Japan.

A role-playing game session has a “Class Conflict” when one player insists on being a furry.  Written for Oklacon.

A young dragon craves nothing more than to perform his “Fire Act” under the big top.  Written for FangCon.

Taken captive by pirates, a sailor has no choice but to show them where “One Animal’s Treasure” lies.  Written for MidWest FurFest.