Fiction, Furry, Super-Short Stories

Published: December 19, 2014

9 Super-Short Stories

8,400 words

Con Fluff 1-3 are now collected in Fuzzy Words

“If animals could walk like us and talk like us, they’d have lots of funny stories to share.  Con Fluff 3 is Eduardo Soliz’s third collection of super-short furry stories inspired by furry conventions and the furry fandom.”


A gamer wonders if “The Girl in the Game” is talking back to him.  Written for Further Confusion.

A bank robbery is interrupted by a trio of “Not-Quite Heroes.”  Written for Furry Fiesta.

Caught up in a “Musical Mutiny,” a drummer finds himself all alone.  Written for Biggest Little FurCon.

When sideshow performers walk out, “The New Freaks” help a circus stay afloat, but for how long?  Written for Furnal Equinox.

In Sherwood Forest, “Merry Maid Marian” has to prove herself to join Robin’s gang.  Written for Wild Nights.

“Were to Go,” is the question for a council of were-beasts as they discuss a place for their unruly youth.  Written for Anthrocon.

A magical candy factory faces a “Candy Crisis” thanks to poor decision-making.  Written for Megaplex.

He journeyed to a mountain to mourn his lost love, but instead finds an “Unexpected Miracle”  Written for Rocky Mountain Fur Con.

A dingo in the Old West places his best “Poker Face” forward to a trio of desperadoes.  Written for Oklacon