Fiction, Furry Super-Short Stories

Published: February 11, 2016

9 Super-Short Stories

13,200 words, 99 cents USD

If you can find the Enchanted Forest, the faeries that live there will grant you one wish, but you may end up getting what you need instead of what you want.  Enjoy three Tales of the Enchanted Forest and six other super-short furry fantasy stories in this collection.

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Tales of the Enchanted Forest: The Hunter – A hunter arrives at the Enchanted Forest seeking his greatest challenge.

When making a “Special Delivery,” a rookie messenger gives the wrong message.

Geoffrey the Gallant and the Dark Dragon – A knight’s rescue mission gets derailed when he meets a different kind of dragon.

Two friends ignore a “A Wintertime Warning” at their own peril.

“Tales of the Enchanted Forest: The Ultimate Infatuation” – A bear wants to meet his lover, even though she doesn’t exist!

Roleplayers come into a “Class Conflict” with each other during a game because one player insists on being a furry.

The family curse is one “Wolf’s Bane.”

A young Muse must learn a difficult lesson during a “Training Mission.”

Tales of the Enchanted Forest : The Unimaginitive – An aspiring artist feels that his Muse has abandoned him, so he seeks an audience with her.