Fiction, Furry, Super-Short Stories

Published: July 21, 2016

7 Super Short Stories

9,300 words, 99 cents USD

How would life be different if we had to share the world with animals that walked and talked like us? What if your pets started talking back to you? Would cats and dogs be allowed to teach school? “Funny Animals, Funny People” is a collection of seven humorous super-short stories about anthropomorphic animals and humans.

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A high-school student gets disciplined for razzing his “Pet Teacher.”

A pair a zookeepers search for an unusual “Escapee.”

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean Santa can’t grant your “Christmas Wishes.”

A feline hears “Her Master’s Voice” and can now talk back!

A monster looking for a person to scare receives a “Compliment” instead.

A fursuit gains “Self-Awareness” and has a conversation with her creator.

While fighting a mutant animal terrorizing a city, two heroes engage in “A Super-Debate.”