Fiction, Furry Super-Short Stories

Published :  September 2, 2015

9 Super-Short Stories

11,000 words, 99 cents USD

How would life be different if we were animals? Furst World Problems is a collection of nine super-short stories that explore a few the possible complications of furry life!

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A visitor to Texas gets “Culture Shocked” when she learns there aren’t many bears around.

A huckster’s “Sales Pitch” goes awry when his new invention isn’t met with the reaction he’s expecting.

Rooting for the “Home Team” isn’t always easy!

“Finder’s Keepers” may not work for a feline that finds a collar with an unusual accessory.

A trio of friends discussing God have their “Spirited Discussion” interrupted by an unusual visitor.

Doctor Ace wants to turn every animal into squirrels, but a secret agent is there to make sure the world isn’t “Squirreled Away.”

Snooping about a friend’s house can lead to unexpected discoveries, as one “Nosy” feline discovers.

When one has the hearing and smell of a feline, one is often an “Unsurprised Party.”

“The Fastest Animal” won the race, but was her unconventional running style cheating?