9to5coverFiction, Various, Super-Short Stories

Published : September 15, 2013

8 Super-Short Stories, 5,500 words

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“Eight super-short stories about people doing their jobs.”


Having very animated coworkers can be fun at first, but eventually work becomes “Just Another Day At The Office.”

There’s always an office mom, office spouses, and of course, the “Bad Coworker.”

A bachelor shopping for appliances finds an unlikely “Display Model.”

Working from home becomes a challenge as an writer unknowingly pens “A Runaway Tale.”

A camp counselor does his best to frighten kids with his tale of a “Campfire Legend.”

When people are squeezed close together in cubicles, anything can be “Overheard.”

An office worker wonders if it was a good idea to enter “The Pit of Success.”

An unlikely theme park worker thinks he has “The Best Job In The World.”