Science Fiction, Super-Short Stories

Published: April 10, 2015

8 Super-Short Stories

7,500 words, 99 cents USD

Eduardo Soliz’s second sci-fi collection contains eight super-short stories, and that’s where the ‘2.8’ comes from. Makes sense, right?

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Without trying, an inventor finds “A Technical Solution” to an interesting problem.

An unscrupulous android repairman counts on “Sage Advice” not being followed.

Two friends get lost driving around town, only to discover that things aren’t always where they seem in Location, Location, Location.”

A man comes home to find “A Strange Day” awaiting him.

A geek tries some “Unauthorized Access” of the coding kind when his fembot won’t let him have the other kind of unauthorized access.

Was an “Anachronism” capable of defeating the super-high-tech security systems of tomorrow?

A newly elected senator is not what she appears to be, but nevertheless, she is a “Man of the People.”

A scientist discovers a way to peer into parallel worlds with unexpected results in “Dr. Henkin and the Dimensional Viewer.”