A New Leaf

Published online December 25, 2021

People just need to be given a chance sometimes.

From above, the neighborhoods and streets of San Antonio looked peaceful, but the hero known as The Randomizer knew better.   If nothing else, the holiday season meant an increase in criminal activity, and it was the Saturday before Christmas.  

“Eee-hee-hee-hee!”  The sound of an evil laugh coming from below caught the hero’s attention.  The Randomizer stopped in mid-air to look below and quickly found the source:  A slender man in an elf costume standing in the front yard of a large home. “Brilliant, even if I do say so myself!”  He exclaimed, wringing his hands and hopping up and down on his toes.  “Nobody does Christmas like me!”

“Tis the season.”  The Randomizer mumbled to himself.  He descended behind the elf and hovered a few feet above the ground.  “You know, this is how you end up on Santa’s naughty list, Christmas Creep.”  He said.

The Christmas Creep jumped at the sound of the hero’s voice and spun around to face him.  “If I recall correctly, you so-called ‘heroes’ spoiled my big Christmas party last year, so if anyone deserves a lump of coal, it’s you!”  The Christmas Creep hissed.

“Covering all of downtown in snow and ice so you can ‘bring the North Pole to the South’ isn’t exactly San Antonio’s idea of a party, Creep.”  The Randomizer said.  He looked over the Creep’s shoulder at the home.  “What manner of merry mischief are you up to now?”  He demanded.

“I’m on Santa’s good list now, you harassing hero.”  The Creep motioned towards the house.  “I was hired to make this house the best-decorated one in town, and so it shall be, sayeth The Christmas Creep!”

“Yeah, I’m not buying it.”  The Randomizer said.  He stared at the Creep and his eyes began to glow.  “How about you tell me the real reason you’re here or I’ll give you a little brain blast.”

The Christmas Creep fell to his knees.  “Please!  No!”  He begged.  “I swear upon Rudolph’s red nose that I’m telling the truth!”  The commotion had caught the attention of a young couple who trotted from the home towards the costumed pair.  As they arrived the Christmas Creep turned towards them and pleaded:  “Amy!  Joel!  Help me!”

“What’s going on here?”   Joel asked The Randomizer.  “Why are you harassing CC?”

The hero began to answer, then stopped for a moment.  “Wait.  CC?  Who is CC?”

Amy pointed at the Christmas Creep and answered:  “He is.  We hired CC to decorate our house.  Is something wrong?”

Before The Randomizer could answer, the Creep jumped to his feet.  “Yes.  I am now CC, you daffy do-gooder,” he pointed to himself, “Christmas Creep was my nom de guerre, but I do business as CC now.  Unlike you, it’s friendly.”

“Why are you here, Officer?”  Joel asked. 

“Well, I heard the Christmas Cre-I mean ‘CC’ laughing and thought, that he was…doing something evil, you know. I flew down to investigate.” The Randomizer answered.

Amy placed her hands on her hips.  “Huh.  So you’re harassing our friend here for no good reason.  Slow day?”

“Now, now, honey.”  Joel interrupted.  He turned to the hero.  “Everything is fine, Officer, so why don’t you go back on patrol and let CC work, huh?”  He said.

“Yes, you flying freak.  I did my time and if you don’t mind, I’m trying to make a living here.“  The Christmas Creep hissed.

The Randomizer turned to the couple.  “You citizens do realize you’ve hired a supervillain to decorate your house, right?” 

Former supervillain.” The Creep replied.  “I served my time and now, instead of turning the whole city into a Christmas wonderland, I’m bringing my brand of holiday happiness to the world one house at a time…for a fee, of course!”  He grinned.

Joel chimed in: “Seriously, Officer, did you see how nice downtown looked after he was through with it?  Sure, the buildings, and a few citizens, were frozen solid, but this guy can decorate!

The hero raised his hands up in front of himself and apologized:  “Okay citizens, maybe I overreacted just a little.”  He landed in front of the group and extended a hand to the Christmas Creep.  “Sorry…CC.”

The Christmas Creep hesitated for a moment before taking the hero’s hand and shaking it.  “Apology accepted!  And now, without further ado, friends, I give you the Perez residence!”  He pulled out a red remote control from a pocket and clicked a button.  The house lit up with colored lights.

“Not bad.”  The Randomizer said.  Amy and Joel took each other’s hands.

“Wait for it,” The Christmas Creep said with a cackle.  Christmas music began to play.

“Okay, that’s pretty good.”  The Randomizer nodded his head.  After a few moments he shivered and looked to the sky.  “Uh, is it getting cold out here?”  The Christmas Creep softly laughed.  “Here it comes now.”

Snow flurries began to fall.  The front yard and house began turning white.  Amy put out her hand to catch snowflakes.  “Oh, honey, look!”  She gasped.

Anyone can put up lights and balloons, but I have weather machines.”  The Christmas Creep beamed.

The Randomizer let out a whistle and nodded his head.  “Now that is nice.  I’ll be on my way, then.  Maybe take it easy with the evil laugh there. Okay, CC?”  The Randomizer asked.

The Christmas Creep crossed his arms in front of his chest.  “Old habits die hard, Randy.” He huffed. “You do know you’re taking some of the fun out of this, right?”  He pouted.

“How about a little more jolly and a little less ‘supervillain,’ then.”  The Randomizer insisted.


What’s past is past and the future is ours to make, so make yours a great one!

Merry Christmas, and thank you for reading!