Originally published November 2011

I wrote and submitted this Sonic The Hedgehog fan-fic for the ill-fated SonicCon 2011. I never heard back from then nor did I attend the event, so I have no way of knowing if they used the story or not. Either way, it was fun to write something cutesy. 

This may have been the first story I wrote that exclusively had furries in it. :3

It was a quiet evening as the children of the orphanage puttered about in their sleeping quarters.  In just over an hour, Janet, the matron, would announce lights-out, tuck them into their beds, and another day in Knothole would be over.

A dozen pairs of ears perked up and a dozen pairs of eyes grew wide as somebody knocked on the door.  “Hey, kids, can I come in?” asked a familiar voice on the other side.  The room suddenly buzzed with excitement.  A little six year old bear girl quickly climbed out of her bed to open the door as the other children scrambled out of their beds and put away their things.

“PRINCESS SALLY!!” the children cried out as a young squirrel wearing a blue vest with matching boots entered the room.  She carried a well worn storybook in her left hand and a big smile on her face.

“Group hug, everybody!” she exclaimed, as she dropped to her knees and opened her arms.  The children squealed with delight as they all hugged and kissed their favorite bedtime storyteller.  After everyone had received a kiss on the cheek, Sally sat down on a bed while the children took their seats on the floor around her.

“Okay, kids.  Let me find my page, and then we’ll get started!” Sally said as she set the book on her lap and opened it.

“Princess Sally, I have a ques-tee-ion!” a five year old wolf boy quickly asked as he stretched his right arm up as high as he could and waved his hand to get her attention.

“Yes, Johnny?” Sally replied.

“Where do gold rings come from?” Johnny asked, “One time I saw Sonic hold one up reaaally high, and then he went PEW and ran away really really fast!”

“Well, Johnny, gold rings are very special.” Sally answered.  “They make our friend Sonic go really fast so he can fight the mean old Dr. Robotnik and his bad robots.”  A chorus of boos came from the children upon hearing the name.  “But nobody really knows where they come from, kids.  Some people think that they come from a machine.” Sally continued, prompting a few chirps of “Really?” from her audience.  “Some say that Mobius is alive and it makes gold rings for Sonic so he can beat Dr. Robotnik and help it to be free again,” she finished.

“Does that answer your question, sweetie?” Sally asked.  Johnny thought it over, as he absent-mindedly flipped down his bottom lip with a finger a few times.  He stopped, looked at Sally with big curious eyes, and said: “But Princess Sally, I thought they came from the lake.”

“Oh!” Sally said with a surprised look on her face that turned into a smile.  “Yes, Johnny, the gold rings come from the lake!”  She said as they all shared a hearty bout of laughter.  Sally then turned her attention to the book in her lap, found the page that she was looking for, and started reading the children their bedtime story.