Originally published online July 12, 2016

Details are always important.

The floating man put a hand to his chin and idly twirled his short beard with a finger. “In all of my five thousand years, Mistress, your wish is the strangest one that I have ever heard. At the risk of…speaking out of place: Are you certain that is what you want?”

“Yes!” The young woman that stood in front of him excitedly replied.  Her long dark hair bounced about her head as she hopped on her toes in anticipation. “Do it!”

“Very well. State your wish and it shall be done.” The genie bowed.

“I wish for you to turn me into a dog!” The young woman exclaimed.

“Your wish is my command, Mistress!” The genie raised his hands. He thrust them towards the young woman and chanted “ALAKAZAM!” Bolts of mystic energy left his hands and struck the woman. A flash of light filled the bedroom. When the light dimmed, a beautiful golden retriever stood where the woman had been. The dog barked and ran out of the room, tail wagging behind her.

His obligation cut short (since dogs can’t make wishes), the genie idly looked around the bedroom. He floated to a desk and opened a spiral notebook. Inside was a drawing of an anthropomorphic female dog. The genie flipped through the pages to reveal more pictures of the character in various poses and clothes.

“Could she have meant something like this?” He pondered aloud.

“Oh well, it’s too late now!”