Non-Fiction, Humor, Computers

Published : October 12, 2019

8,000 words, 99 cents USD

“There is more to fixing computers than just “fixing the computers.” The technical support people also need to know how to deal with the people sitting behind them, because behind nearly every broken computer is the person who probably broke it.”

Computers are easy. People are hard.

Drawing on an additional seven years of technical support experience gained since the publication of “The Rules of Tech Support,” Eduardo Soliz doles out a second round of sometimes useful, mostly humorous observations and advice for those brave souls who fix computers for a living. Learn why the people you support are ‘customers’ and not “users,” how not to break the magic, why even Apple products aren’t user-proof, why you should be careful who you give a chainsaw to, why you shouldn’t answer questions too quickly, when to not take “yes” for an answer, and how to be the bad guy!

Most importantly: Learn why everyone working technical support is doomed to a career supporting silly people who do silly things.

Do you know the rules?

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