A Journal about Journals!

This is my 3rd attempt at doing a journal, I’ve tried using other sites to that effect, but ultimately I would stop posting.  I’m hoping that things will be different here, because LiveJournal is simply about writing.  I’m sure there’s extra stuff here too, but for the most part, I just want to write and see what other people have on their minds.

Actually I should correct myself, this is my 3rd attempt at an online journal, I used to carry paper around with me to write on.  Later, my Palm Pilot (does anyone even call them that anymore?) became my virtual notebook.  I find there is a certain feeling of permanence in using paper; I’ve been a computer user, tech support guy and programmer long enough to know that hard drives crash, CD’s go bad, and I’ve even had one of those fancy-pants flash drives crap out on me, too.

Ah well, its getting way too late, even though tomorrow is Friday, I still have to go to work…I’ll try not to gripe too much about that here, then again there really isn’t much to gripe about for once.  Life is good.


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