Scrooge and Marley and Randomizer9

I have to work on Christmas Eve. That sucks. Yeah, yeah, I know, so do a lot of other people, but I work in a ‘professional’ setting. The other professionals I know have Christmas Eve off, clients are telling me they have Christmas Eve off, my brother’s kids have Christmas Eve off, but I have to work. It wouldn’t be a big deal if my family was in the neighborhood, but having to make an extra trip just to work (hopefully) a half day on Christmas Eve is a big ball of SUCK. I’ve spent every Christmas with my family and I have no intention of spending a Christmas without them now.

Things have gotten slower and slower leading up to the holiday, and except for a few freaks who contact us on a regular basis because they don’t have anything better to do, its pretty dead here at the office. I can only imagine what Monday is going to be like. I’m trying not to let it spoil my holiday. I currently find myself sulking around in my cube with a big chip on my shoulder that I usually keep in storage except for Valentine’s Day. Once I get out of here my mood will improve, but until then I’ll be quite “Grinchy” until then.

But the Grinch got over his holiday hangups, and so will I…once four-thirty hits. 🙂


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