Disk Schlockeys

As much as I like to think of myself as being Mr. High-Tech Geek Dood, I am somewhat old-fashioned. I don’t trust automatic billpay, don’t carry an iPod around with me every minute of the day (or even OWN an iPod for that matter) and I still mostly listen to the radio to get my recommended daily allowance of music.

My favorite station is currently the local Jack FM station because they play a lot of the older stuff I like, but more importantly, they don’t have any DJs. After having listened to Jack FM for some time, I find DJs to be even more annoying now.

The first time I went to the laundromat I now wash my clothes at, their PA was tuned to a local “Hit Music” station. It was two hours of mind-numbing HELL; if the speaker hadn’t been concealed, I would have ripped it out of the wall. When I turn on the radio, I want to hear MUSIC. I don’t give a crap about who got voted off on American Idol last night, I don’t want to hear the lame-ass DJ’s lame-ass jokes and his lame-ass sidekicks laughing on cue like Pavlov’s dog, and I don’t want to know how to tell if my significant other is cheating or any of that other crap.

Talking is for AM, music is for FM, its that simple. The next time I went to that laundromat the PA was tuned to Jack FM, so maybe its not just me.

I have a radio/CD player in the apartment, so I can listen to music and occasionally I’ll drop in a CD. If I am at the PC, I might fire up Winamp and pick out some MP3’s. I like listening to CDs in my car, or I’ll flip around the local FM stations, and I have an MP3 player I listen to while I work out.

I was helping a friend paint yesterday, and after some time, I noticed something was missing. There was no music. I used to help one of my brothers paint our parent’s house and he would always have either a radio outside blaring or his car’s trunk open with the stereo cranked to get that extra kick while listening to KISS.

Unfortunately, I could never do it to his satisfaction, and this would inevitably end with us yelling at each other…like I said, I used to help.

I asked my friend if he could put some music on, and he said yes and exited the room. I was fully expecting him to come back with a portable radio. Instead, he goes to his computer room and fires up iTunes on his Mac. Of course, the first song that cued up was something I wasn’t crazy about, but what can you do?


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