I Hate IBC Bank

It doesn’t take much for a bank to get on my bad side. Bank of America is easily near the top of my internal list of Things That Suck for kicking up the interest rate on my credit card AFTER I called them asking them to lower it. Fortunately, I have moved the balance to a different bank where I won’t be paying a interest rate that would make Tony Soprano jealous. My current bank is IBC, which really cheesed me off back in November.

So I have this check from my good friend Carlos (who should be enjoying his new Wii as I type this) that I would like to deposit into my account. Plan A was to go during lunch, but that went out the window because I had to go to a ‘meet and greet’ at work. I got to make an ass of myself by telling ‘war stories’ to customers, one of whom worked for the company that I was talking about in one of my stories. Whoops.

So its time for Plan B, which is to go after work. One of the nice things about IBC Bank is that they are open until later in the evening…except for today. I drive up to the closest location to home at about 5:15 to find they are closed with no indication as to why. The sign that says they are open until 8:00 only serves to perplex me further. I figure its a fluke, and decide to try another location. That one is closed as well, but at least there I find a sign on the door that says they CLOSED AT 4:30 FOR TODAY ONLY.

I was seven layers of pissed-off. The ONE FARKING TIME I actually have to go to a branch and they close up early. If that isn’t a sign to find a new bank, I don’t know what is. As far as I’m concerned, IBC stands for International Bunch of Cocksmokers now.


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