N00b Tube

I finally cracked…after months of “No, I’m going to wait” and “Well, maybe someday” I bought a new TV set last Sunday (May 4). As tempting as it was, I didn’t go “whole hog” and buy a humounglous set. Instead, I decided to get another 32″ set. Specifically, I got an LG 32″ 720p LCD TV, and it freaking rocks.

My previous set was a 32″ Samsung flat tube HDTV set which weighs about 150 pounds. It’s also the main reason I get a lot of “I’ll get back to you” responses whenever I need help moving to a new apartment. It had a pretty good picture, but once I started used my Wii to browse the Internet, I noticed that the picture is fuzzy in the corners. I’m not sure if it has always been like that or is just the result of six years of gaming, DVDs, and a smattering of actual TV watching. Also, the fact that it has a standard instead of a widescreen meant that the edges would routinely get chopped off when playing certain games or when watching widescreen movies, which I prefer.

The final straw was a 3-year no-interest financing deal at a certain electronics retailer and a credit card with a zero balance also from that retailer.

I thought I was spoiled before by watching Cowboys games over-the-air in HD on my Samsung, but watching San Antonio Spurs games on the new set blows that out of the water. I just can’t get over how CLEAR it looks now. Games also look great, and aside from a touch of lag on some PS2 games, all is well.

The fun part, now, is going to be trying to sell Old Faithful.


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