Crispy on the Outside…

Today I went to Lake Corpus Christi in order to spend some time with the family, go swimming, eat some barbecue, and all that good stuff. As usual, I refused sunscreen on the grounds that “I could use some sun.” I’m pretty sure you can figure out what happened next.

I’m not “Lobster-Man” burned, but I’m burned enough to where I can feel it. Nothing says “good night’s sleep” like feeling like you have heat radiating from your body. I’ll be cranking up the ceiling fan tonight.

Windows Vista finally bit me in the pants, or rather Pinnacle Systems did. The version of their video-editing software that I own is at ‘end of life’ which means they are no longer working on it, and there is no Vista-compatible version. I can’t even install the blasted thing, when I try, the language changes.

Sadly, my current company has the opposite problem; they refuse to stop supporting old versions of their software long after they should have stopped. I’m hope they’re making lots of money off it, because supporting stuff that was written in the last millennium sucks.


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