I installed Vista on the ol’ Edputer about two months ago, and once I got over the initial reaction of “This is IT?” I grew accustomed to Microsoft’s latest. It had some good things (power saving seems to actually work now, organization of user folders actually makes some sense) some annoying things (WTF was wrong with the old way of navigating folders?) and some bad things (no keyboard shortcuts make Randomizer MAD) but overall, it was alright.

I had no hardware compatibility problems; my scanner, printer, and other hardware worked just fine. With the exception of one piece of software, everything worked well there, too. I was pleasantly surprised to find WinAmp 2.91 was still functional. I didn’t try any games, but that’s what consoles are for, anyway 🙂

The deal-breaker was performance: even after upping my RAM to 2GB and optimizing the daylights out of it (i.e. turning off most of the extra bells and whistles) Vista was just too much for my so-called “Vista Capable” PC. One format and install later, and its back to good ol’ XP.

When I buy my next PC, I will probably go with whatever flavor of Vista it comes with, but as far as Ol’ Faithful is concerned I’ll stick with XP. Of course, there’s also Mac, but I’ll need to save my quarters for one of those.


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