And Then There Were Three…

The company I worked for laid off some people today…including a (now former) cube-neighbor in Tech Support. I’ve been through that myself, and its a pretty crappy feeling to have the rug pulled out from you like that…I told her “Good luck” when we said goodbye.

I had a bad feeling something was going to happen when the president of the company said we were “breaking even” a few weeks ago. The girl who was let go was hired after I was, but for that fact, I probably would have been the one tossed on my ear.

Its dead quiet in support today…I don’t really feel like cracking jokes myself. Of course, we had a meeting where everyone was assured that “everything will be fine” by the higher-ups, but I’m not sure I want to stick around to find out. After all, I’m probably the next one down on the list…


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