No Longer Hip To Be Square

I recently got upgraded to dual-monitors at work (the old tube kind, so don’t be too impressed) and it got me thinking that it would be really nice to have dual monitors at home as well, especially since they have become so inexpensive as of late. Curiosity in hand, I go browsing for a monitor to place aside my trusty Gateway 19-incher.

As I look around, I notice something…my monitor is an older “square” type (actually, its not REALLY a square because of the ratio, hence the quotes, but that’s my anal-retentive programmer side talking) and all the new ones are of the widescreen variety. Even the inexpensive ones are all widescreen now.

I abandoned the idea because it would just look weird to have a widescreen monitor sitting next to a square one…its bad enough the ones at work are of different sizes, the last thing I need is to screw up my eyes even more with different aspect ratios…

Of course, I could just buy one HUGE monitor instead…hmm.


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