Land of McConfusion

Why do people place complicated orders at McDonald’s?  Frankly, I think its just asking for trouble if you go to Mickey D’s and ask for more than two things to be done to your sandwich.  No onions?  Fine.  No onions and extra pickles?  Okay.  No onions, extra pickles, and hold the mustard?  You’re playing with fire there, bub!

Case in point:  I was at a McDonald’s a few weeks ago standing in line behind a woman who was making a pretty intricate order.  I could tell the guy behind the register was having trouble keeping up.  Sure enough, after getting it all down, he would repeat the order to verify, but there was always something wrong with it, which resulted in them starting over.  To make matters worse, the woman was trying to tell the poor cashier how to fix it which only made him more confused.

Incidentally, telling ANYONE in any restaurant how to do their job is just asking to get the “special sauce.”

A second cashier noticed the delay and took my order.  I paid for it, got my food, filled my soda, grabbed some ketchup and napkins, sat down…and the woman was STILL at the register placing her order.

Sometimes you just have to let it go.  I’m not saying, I’m just saying!


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