Camping Journal #4: Their Turf

You can’t see me!

July 13, 2012, sometime before 5, at camp

-a little tired-

I should have bought a pair of flip-flops, because walking in or near the river was murder on my bare feet.  I eventually put my tennis shoes on, and while that did make things easier, I now get to schlep my soggy shoes everywhere now.

As much as I’d like to take a nap, there is no breeze right now, and that means the inside of the tent is actually hotter than sitting on the picnic table.

I’ve seen a few animals today; two deer while driving back from the river, and a few lizards scurrying about the campsite upon my return.  One lizard was perfectly camouflaged, I did a double-take when I realized I was looking at one that was masquerading as part of a tree.  I then went for my camera and got a few shots before it scurried away.

The hustle and bustle of the city has been replaced by a cacophony of creatures.  Birds, chicadas, and an army of flying bugs are constantly providing a steady stream of sound.

Its unnerving on a certain level, I find myself occasionally turning to find the source of some sound or noise.  Sometimes there is something there, often, there isn’t, but I think its the thought that I am infringing on their domain instead of the other way around.

Like it or not, I’m on their turf.



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