2014 A.D.

2014Overall, 2014 was an okay year for me.  Nothing really big and significant happened, so its fair to say I spent the year ‘coasting’ and ended it pretty much where I started it.

In terms of my job, its gotten better in some respects, worse in others, and I still find myself wanting to get another one before we are replaced by people on the other side of the planet or I finally flip out and really let a customer have it.  Not much to report there.

As far as writing is concerned, I certainly didn’t get as much done as I wanted to.  I only released Con Fluff 3 but also wrote some short stories for my website.  The lack of books has me concerned to the point that I have decided to take a year off from doing conbook stories to focus on getting things finished.  I have two follow-ups to The Rules of Tech Support in the works that need to get done as well as some short story collections.  If nothing else, I need to make writing a habit, whether its blog posts, podcast scripts, stories or whatnot.  The upcoming year will see my first self-published paper book (stay tuned!) as well as some attempts to sell my work, and hopefully I can keep something resembling a regular podcast and blog schedule.  Stay tuned on that one 😛

I also helped a friend get The Dead Tree Society going, so there’s that, and I look forward to trying to helping her get the word out about the wonderful world of papers and pens.

Otherwise, it was a fun year of conventions, doing fun things with friends and attempting to maintain my sanity at my job.  Here’s to moving forward in 2015!


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