Sang Songs Say So Much

I was feeling bummed out this evening; I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately for a variety of reasons, but even more so today. The oddest things can sometimes snap me out of a case of the blues, though.

After the death of a relative some years ago, reading the “The Death and Return of Superman” comics helped me deal with the loss. Red Beans and Rice (with Sausage!) from Souper Salad picked me up a few years ago when I was depressed over the lousy employment situation I was in at the time.

For whatever reason, though, tonight the blues-buster was Karaoke Revolution. I’ve only sang karaoke once in public, but thanks to this game I can croon away in the privacy of my home without humiliation, save for the barbs of Virtual Simon Cowell.

I played for a few hours, managed to top a few high scores, and I felt much better when I was done. I tried to stick to the fun songs, but I will admit to indulging in the occasional weepy love song. A perfect score for “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” remains just beyond my reach, though -sigh-

I guess I’ve learned that when listening to music isn’t enough, performing it has a stronger effect, even if your audience is a virtual one. I wonder if Guitar Hero works just as well. Now I really want to buy Rock Band.

Virtual Simon found my rendition of “Here I Go Again” to be ‘atrocious.’ Jerk.