Off The Grid

I left my phone at home today.  The crazy part is that I left my apartment with the holster on my belt, but no phone inside of it.  It wasn’t until I got out of my car after arriving at the office that I realized that it wasn’t there.  Of course, I had no desire to go back and get it at that point, but it stuck on the back of my mind all morning.

While I am a little concerned because there is a tropical storm bearing down on my hometown, I am not expecting any calls from anyone at the moment, so I figure I can leave it at home for the day.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that I don’t miss my smartphone, though.  It is more of a communication device now than it ever was.  In addition to phone calls and text messages, I use it to check Facebook and Twitter and read the news every so often.  A friend on Facebook is warning me not to let it become an appendage, but that ship sailed a few years ago.

Its almost lunchtime and I wonder if I should run home and get it during my lunch break, which would take a good chunk out of it.  I probably won’t.  Instead I will stay at work and enjoy the silence, no ringers, no notifications, and no emails.  Besides, I can check all that stuff with my laptop, anyway!  😉

2 hours later…

So I didn’t run home get it after all, instead I had lunch as usual.  I didn’t really miss it too much, but I felt a tinge of unease, because I knew that if something happened, like say, a flat tire, I would not be able to call work and tell them I’d be late.  Other than that, I didn’t miss it at all, so perhaps I am not quite as attached to my cell phone as it would seem.