Waiting Inside The Box

I’m not sure which is worse: waiting for the cable guy to arrive to install your cable or waiting for the UPS guy to bring your package. To me, the anticipation is like waiting for Christmas or a birthday when you’re a kid. You know something good is coming, and you just can’t wait for the day to get there.

The main difference, though, is that you know when Christmas or that birthday is going to arrive. The Cable or UPS Guy give you the day, you don’t know the exact time they’re going to show up.

I guess UPS is the worse of the two. Unless you’re really unlucky (or piss off the CSR) the Cable Guy usually gives you a four or six-hour window, but UPS might come at any time of the whole lousy DAY. Of course, Randomizer’s Dumb LuckĀ® means the UPS guy didn’t show up while I was at work, there is no surprise waiting for me when I get home.

So instead of tearing open my new Rock Band drums like a sleep-deprived, sugar-fueled kid on Christmas morning, I sit waiting to hear the diesel-rumble of the UPS truck. I quickly glance outside the window every time I think I see a vehicle pass through my peripheral vision. All the while precious minutes that could be spent rocking tick away. Of course, this is after I spent the day at work refreshing the UPS website every 30 minutes or so waiting for those damnable words “OUT FOR DELIVERY” to go away.

Its enough to make a man go mad!