Lights, Action, No Camera!!

I’m sure we’ve all had a ‘wish I had a camera’ moment, especially in these YouTube days we live in now. I had one today: I’m waiting at a stop sign by a neighborhood store, and I see a guy ride up to the store on his bike with his faithful dog trailing behind him. It was a Norman Rockwell kind of moment. As I get onto the road, the last thing I see is the guy securing his bike to a sign in front of the store.

The store across the street that I was going to stop at was closed. What I didn’t see while making that 180 in the parking lot was this: the guy was either tying his dog to the bike or the dog’s leash got entangled in the bike. Either way, what ended up happening was the dog took off with the bike in tow behind him and the guy soon following them both. After about 50 feet, the dog stopped, and the guy got everything sorted out. When I took off both dog and dude looked alright as far as I could tell.

It would have been YouTube gold, I tell you!


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