Netflix Rocks!

I read in the news today that Movie Gallery filed for bankruptcy. I’ve only been to a Movie Gallery once to drop off some movies for my brother, and I can’t say it was an unpleasant experience. I didn’t sign up for a membership though.

The Blockbuster in my neighborhood cheesed me off awhile back and I haven’t been back since. I recently reactivated my Netflix account and have been very happy, especially since they now have a distribution center here in San Antonio! I dropped the last movie I rented (Idoicracy, pretty funny) in the mail Monday morning, and there should be another movie waiting for me (Grave of the Fireflies) in the mail tomorrow.

Fark Blockbuster, their slow lines and crappy movie selection. Last time I was in a Blockbuster I was looking at all the crappy grade D movies on the shelves wondering “How the hell did these get MADE?” I guess they need product that badly. As for me, I’ll be getting my movies in the mail and online via NetFlix and Xbox Live.

Now where’s the popcorn?


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