Home Sweet Home

With a little help from my friends, I was able to get everything moved into my new apartment over the weekend. Aside from the usual pain-in-the-ass moving of the 32-inch tube TV set, everything went off without a hitch.

The new place is nice, it has a lot of extras; garden bathtub, ice maker, ceiling fan in the bedroom, washer-dryer connections…the place just rocks. On top of all that its only 5 minutes away from work, which means no more crappy Loop 410 traffic and I can eat lunch at home!

Of course, with any more comes the oh-so-fun transferring of addresses. I’ve already arranged for my mail to be forwarded, but need to give it to various and sundry other people, as well as my new phone number. I recently got a new cell phone, and a new number which I have not memorized yet. People give me odd looks over that, but really, how often do you call yourself?

I’m “off the grid” until Saturday, when my internet gets hooked up at the new place. Sadly, there is no one to l33ch off of, but at least I can check email with my T-Mobile Dash.

So that’s all over with, and now the fun part begins…saving up money for a HOUSE! Woo!


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