Did and Done

-whew- I finally got everything moved in and where I want it. The biggest adjustment I had to make was the new desk. It doesn’t have any drawers so I bought one of those plastic cabinet thingies to chuck all of my junk into. It’s clear plastic, so you can see all the cables, old cards, manuals and other crap that’s inside, I can’t wait for guests to ask “WTF is all that junk?” I had to buy a new microwave…well, make that A microwave, my last place had one built-in, and I haven’t owned one in years, but that’s a story for another time.

Of course, the place isn’t quite 100% yet, but that’ll be taken care of on Saturday when the cable guy comes to hook me up to the tubes and I can jump back on Live. I also need to purchase a second barstool, and then I’ll be ready to throw a party! Don’t forget to bring the beer, RavynX! 😀


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