Talk About Good Timing!

Despite living in San Antonio since mid-2006, I had yet to register to vote here in San Antonio (I was registered at my parents’ address) Of course, with the presidential primaries and general election coming up in November, I decided to rectify that problem, so I sent in a voter registration card in late January.

Now to vote in an election, you have to have registered 30 days prior to the election day, so I wasn’t sure that I would get my new card in time for the primaries today. I thought I could bring my voter registration card from my old county and vote anyway.

Well, that is true, but you have to vote early in order to do that. Of course I find this out Saturday after early voting had ended here in Texas, so I got bummed out over not being able to participate in (what I think anyway) is a historic Democratic primary.

Lo and behold, what do I find in my mailbox today, but my new voter registration card!

Go Obama!


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