Billy, Could You Lose My Number

I’ve had my cell phone for a few months now, and for some time I have had to endure people calling me and asking for someone I presume is whomever had the number before I did. OK, fine. I can deal with that, but it gets really farking annoying after awhile.

At first, I was polite, but with each successive call from this idiot’s idiot friends, my patience wore thinner and thinner. It got to the point where I would say only three things to these micro-brained nimrods: “Hello,” “This is the wrong number,” and “Bye.” If they were dumb enough (and a few were) to ask “Are you sure??” they didn’t get the “Bye” because I would hang up right there and then. I already get my Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin Stupid at work, I don’t need extra.

Much to my relief, the calls asking for Mr. Dorko McDimwit eventually stopped.

Until today. Now the fools are asking for somebody ELSE.

-palms forehead-


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