“The Single Guy”

I currently work in tech support, and there are four of us total on the phones. We try to always have at least two people available to answer the phone. Two of the other folks have kids, and the other is going to school and is currently engaged. This makes me “The Single Guy.”

Being “The Single Guy” means when someone else has an early class, or has take a kid to some activity, or some other kid or school-related stuff to do, I always get asked first whether I can trade shifts. Apparently, being “The Single Guy” means whatever I happen to have scheduled for that day isn’t important; I can just cancel all my plans at the drop of a hat. If it wasn’t such a small group I would refuse, but then I become “The Selfish Single Jerk Who Won’t Trade Shifts Because He Hates Babies.”

I really hate being “The Single Guy” but given that I’m also “The Nice Guy” there really isn’t much I can do, except find another job. Needless to say, I’ve already started on that…

Well, it turned out I don’t have to swap shifts after all, guess I can add “The Lucky Guy” to that list 🙂


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