Anime Matsuri – Pre-Game

I’ve been going to anime cons for just over a year now, and despite that, I have yet to get what one might consider “the full experience” because they have all been near home.  I have yet to go somewhere completely different, stay in a hotel, and fumble around town searching for places to eat and/or a store to buy things that were forgotten.

Thus, my first “real con” will be Anime Matsuri this weekend.  I’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn tomorow, picking up some friends, and hitting the road as we head to The Woodlands, north of Houston.  I’ve never been to that area before, but that doesn’t really mean what it used to.  After all, how scary is going to a new place when you’re carrying a GPS-enabled cell phone with Google Maps installed?

It will be nice to not have to drive home every day at 2 AM in a haze, though.  Staying at my parents’ house during RealmsCon seemed like a good idea until I found myself needing a little help from Diet Mountain Dew to make the 30-mile trip from downtown Corpus Christi to my parent’s house.  Stumbling back to the hotel room Friday and Saturday night shouldn’t be nearly as bothersome.  Driving over there in a haze early Friday should be fun though…

I see this as a warm-up, because I will be going to this year’s E3, and THAT will definitely be an experience!


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