Faith In Humanity -1

It would appear that I may have been ripped off again by an artist at Oklacon this year.  😦  Last year I paid for a commission that I never received, and this year I ordered a print that has not yet arrived in the mail even though the seller said they would be sent out ‘as soon as we get home.’  I am holding out hope that it will appear in my mailbox any day now, but my optimism is fading  now that its 2-1/2 weeks after the fact.

Part of it is my fault, I suppose: I’m often told that I have too much faith in people, and I don’t deny that’s probably true.  I like to think that most people are honest, particularly if they are conducting business,  so I didn’t bother getting the names of the folks involved.  After all, they have my contact information and they can let me know if something comes up.  Unfortunately, that also leaves me no recourse should the seller fail to deliver. (ba-doom tish)  I hold out hope that the sellers weren’t being dishonest: maybe life got in the way, or they lost my address or USPS lost the package or their computer crashed or house burned down or something else happened to explain why I didn’t receive that which I paid for.

Like I said, too much faith in humanity.

It sucks that some less-than-honest (or perhaps incompetent) characters that were in the Dealer’s Den have to cast a cloud on what was otherwise an fun time.  I plan to going back to Oklacon next year, but I’ll be holding onto my cash a little more tightly.

Naturally, the optimist in me still expects to find that print in the mailbox tomorrow, but he’ll eventually give up after another week…maybe.


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