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Free Comic Book-Less Day

fcbdFree Comic Book Day was today, and like many of us, I got excited and headed out to my friendly neighborhood comic shop to score some loot. The line at Heroes and Fantasies was crazy long and stretched all the way to the back of the building that houses the store.  I stood in line for a while and jawed with some fellow readers.  After about fifteen minutes, a woman came around to announce that the line was for the free comics only and if we wanted to shop we could just go inside.

At that point, I figured that I didn’t really need the freebies and headed inside to do a little shopping and see Zip Alegria and Eric Matos, two friends that have recently signed on with Guardian Knight Comics, a new publisher that recently sprung up in San Antonio.  I wanted to see just what they were up to and to wish them good luck in their new venture.  Along the way, I ran into some other friends, including comic artists Alfredo “Freddy” Lopez and David Hutchison.  I hadn’t seen a few of those folks in quite some time, and it was good to see what they were up to and shoot the breeze for a bit.  There were also lots of cool cosplayers dressed up as various characters and I had a lot of fun talking shop and seeing everyone have a good time.

While I suppose I could have snuck around and snagged a few books, I decided not to.  I already read comics, so Free Comic Book Day is ‘preaching to the choir’ as far as I’m concerned; those books are better off going to potential new readers.  While I went home empty-handed in terms of comics, I had a fun time, and isn’t fun what its all about?


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