My Favorite Christmas Songs #1

“Please Come Home for Christmas,” The Eagles, 1978

In the interest of keeping my spirits (and yours) up, I’ve decided to post a different Christmas song here every day.  I love Christmas, I enjoy music and so it seems appropriate to celebrate the ‘sounds of the season.’  In addition to the standards, I hope to drop in a few oddballs here and there.  Enjoy!

I’ll start out with my all-time favorite: “Please Come Home for Christmas.”  Originally recorded by Charles Brown in 1960, the version most folks will be familiar with is the 1978 Eagles cover.  To this day, those first four piano notes still make my eyes misty whenever I hear them.  I find it odd that I like the song so much because the lyrics are a bit on the depressing side, yet most of my Christmases have been joyous affairs. Then again, it is The Eagles, and who doesn’t like The Eagles?

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