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My Favorite Christmas Songs 2020 #9

“The Man With All the Toys,” The Beach Boys, 1964.

Released on The Beach Boys Christmas Album, this yuletide tale is overshadowed somewhat by “Little Saint Nick” (which made my original list) but is a charming tune in its own right.

TRIVIA: A second Christmas album, “Merry Christmas from the Beach Boys,” was recorded for a 1978 release, but would be rejected by Warner Brothers Records.

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My Favorite Christmas Songs #3

“Little Saint Nick,” The Beach Boys, 1963

I hail from South Texas, so it is a little bit harder for me to relate to songs about snow and ice and roaring fires.  The only fires I experience in December are those started inside of a barbeque grill.  The Beach Boys set Santa’s reindeer aside in favor of “a little bobsled called Little Saint Nick.”  Appropriately enough, the song’s structure comes from “Little Deuce Coupe.”