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My Favorite Christmas Songs 2018 #1

“Marshmallow World,” Dean Martin, 1966

Written and composed in 1949 by Carl Sigman and Peter DeRose, this is another of one those “Christmas” songs that makes no mention of the holiday.  While hardly the first to record the song, (Bing Crosby was first in 1950) Deano bought his inimitable style to yet another classic, earning him a third spot on this list.

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My Favorite Christmas Songs #5

“Baby Its Cold Outside,” Dean Martin, 1959

For all the cock and bull about this classic being (to borrow a friend’s term) ‘rapey,’ this duet was written by Frank Loesser in 1944 and originally performed by he and his wife, Lynn Garland.  Lynn was furious when Frank sold the rights to MGM; she considered it to be ‘their’ song.  Curiously enough, the ‘mouse’ part is sung by a chorus in Dean’s rendition.

It bears mentioning that the part sung by Dean is marked as the ‘wolf’ in the sheet music. /shrug