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Mac and Me – The Unboxing (and cleaning!)

Check out the purdy pictures

Technolust is a scary thing.  It can make (somewhat) normal men go to Gamestop in the middle of the night to pick up a new video game or game system (I’ve done both).  It also just made me buy a 24-inch iMac instead of the 20-incher I had initially planned on.

*checks budget* yeah, I should be okay there…

Setting up the iMac wasn’t too big a deal, but for the picture-taking.  Now, cleaning up my cluttered desk to make room for it was a job in itself.  I need to either dust more frequently or stop buying black furniture.


  • Ooh, the screen sure is purdy, I can see myself!
  • Keyboard cord is almost too short
  • Same for the power cable, grr
  • I’m not hearing the PC fan jet-engine noise…is this thing even ON?
  • That’s alot of updates to download…just like Windows, I guess *shrug*
  • Woo-hoo!  Let’s do some computery stuff, now!

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