46 Things I Noticed During Furry Fiesta 2014


  1. I’m bringing my iPad mini along to use as a hotspot and not a tablet, go figure.
    Best Furiends! I’m the one in the middle :3
  2. Downloaded the first ten episodes of “Welcome to Night Vale” so I can see what all the hullabaloo is about.
  3. I figure that should at least get me to Waco.
  4. After about two years finally remembered my Buc-ees coffee mug!
  5. Note to self: Get a toll tag
  6. Apparently one taco is not enough to get me from San Antonio to Dallas. Should have known better.
  7. First order of business upon arriving, turn on 3DS!
  9. I had a guide orca-dragon take me to my room, go figure.
  10. It is a HIKE from the overflow parking to the hotel.
  11. No story of mine in the conbook this year, I has a sad 😦
  12. Hopefully that’ll be my one missed conbook deadline for the year.
  13. Still feels weird having my actual name on my badge, oh well.
  14. Good Lord, the hotel is cold as frak, good for the fursuiters but BRRR for us!
  15. Elevator-con, and we’re on the top floor…greaat
  16. Note to self: room share with >4 people, NEVER AGAIN, sucks not having a key
  17. These things get more fun the more people I know at them, yet I somehow end up alone in the con suite at the end of the day at least once. *sigh*
  18. The International Anthropomorphic Research Project survey was fairly short this year, yay
  19. Friday was a wash due to being tired, definitely driving up on Thursday next year
  20. Soda is not readily available at the hotel *twitch*
  21. Saw plenty of furs at the store shopping like it was no big deal on Saturday morning. That’s kind of cool.
  22. One random guy stopped me to chat at the store, I think he wanted a ride because I passed by him on the way back to the hotel. Sorry, dude.
  23. There are never enough blankets. Bring one.
  24. Wandering about without wearing my glasses (due to a mask) should be fun.
  25. Maybe its me but shouldn’t “Buy It Now” mean I get it now?? So I’m new at this…sorry
  26. Is there a superhero whose power is fixing elevators?
  27. I forgot to turn on my 3DS until 1pm on Saturday, nooo!
  28. Maintenance guys and ‘bartender’ at the con lounge had a great “Who’s on First” exchange involving ice. Lucky I was there to break it up.
  29. The fursuit parade took 30 minutes to film, glad my battery held out!
  30. I was more worried about my camera’s battery giving out vs my cell phone, heh.
  31. Aaaand its gone.
  32. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the person that advised me to wear my ears with the elastic looping behind my head! Much better!
  33. One downside of bigger hotel is that its harder to find people >.<
  34. Had sushi for the first time ever.  As the old beer commercials used to say: “Tastes great, less filling.”
  35. I wasn’t sure what I was eating at the sushi joint, but being of Mexican heritage, I figured it couldn’t be worse than any of the stuff I already eat.
  36. Had some random kid join us for sushi, think I frightened the bejabbers out of him, though. GOOD.
  37. Well-done fries at In-N-Out Burger are still the BEST THING EVAR. Open one in San Antonio, already!
  38. I wonder if it would be easier for FurPlanet to simply mark the books that aren’t ‘adults only.’
  39. Finally got a room key on Sunday and LOST IT *sad face*
  40. Ordered a commission that is going to be drawn ON A PUNCH CARD OMG PAWSOME
  41. Bought my table stuff along in case I wanted to give a stab at selling books in artists alley again. I didn’t.
  42. I heard the Artist’s Alley line started at 4 in the morning, change the system to a random drawing or something, guys!
  43. Biggest problem was probably the elevators.  I need the exercise and can deal with the faraway parking.
  44. Glad to have a friend along on the drive home, think I need a partner moreso then, than on the drive up.
  45. Something always seems to happen on I-35 when I drive home for a convention, got held up in New Braunfels for a good twenty minutes because of an accident that shut down the freeway COMPLETELY.
  46. Let’s do it again!

4 thoughts on “46 Things I Noticed During Furry Fiesta 2014

  1. 5. I think I spent about $20 over the weekend going back and forth on George Bush and Dallas North Tollway. Plus you’d use it for tolls roads to drive around Austin.
    7. Ya, working at Registration, you realize that you can get all the street passes cause everyone passes by there.
    16. Usually hotels look at me funny if I ask for 5 keys (4 for the people staying there and one for me so I have access), so instead, I just ask for 4 keys and then go back later claiming to of lost one of them.
    20. I hunted everywhere on Thursday for soda (got into the hotel late and had already taken a shower so I didn’t feel like driving anywhere). I eventually just grabbed a soda from the minibar fridge in the room…for $3.25. >_<
    33. Ya, the Con Suite was kind of buried although the signs that were up were fairly prolific.
    34. I'm still surprised that you've never had sushi before, although that was a pretty good place (Sushi Envy) to have it at. Conveyor-belt sushi is pretty good quality.
    38. Wait, aren't all of their books adult-only?
    42. Ouch. No wonder the artists didn't stay very late, after having to be up at 4am.
    43. Ya, we wore the elevators out and somehow that bank of elevators was not enough (or all of them weren't running, or something).

    -the purring dork

    • Yeah, I always take the toll going north from SA, Austin southbound at night is no problem. FurPlanet has a few non-smut books, I now own two (or maybe all) of them. AA is going to be hell next year unless they change. As for sushi, I’m from a small town in Texas, we don’t get out much. 😉

      • Sushi is amazing. ❤

        FurPlanet has at least three non-smut books that I know of, all by Kyell Gold. Green Fairy, Red Devil, and The Mysterious Affair of Giles (though they have some adult situations, they are not graphic)

        Ah, I think we almost hit that traffic jam too, but we got a navigation app pulled up in time to get off the freeway and find a way around before we got caught in it.

      • I purchased Gene Catlow Vol. 1 by Albert Temple last year and Otters in Space by Mary E. Lowd this year from FurPlanet.

        Yeah, if I had just stopped at Buc-ees for coffee and then hit the loop around New Braunfels I may have avoided the mess. Lessons learned and all that!

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