2015 A.D.

2015I tried to eliminate some clutter in 2015, but there’s still work to be done.  That said, it was a good year overall for me and my endeavors.


On the writing front, I combined my three “Con Fluff” books into one volume called “Fuzzy Words” which I had printed.  Unfortunately, the printer I chose overpromised and underdelivered, so I now have a pile of books that I’m not sure I want to sell.  My only consolation is that I didn’t have to pay for them, but at the same time it spoiled the inaugural San Antonio Indie Bookfest for me.

I published two story collections: “Super-Short Sci-Fi Stories 2.8” and “Furst World Problems.”  Unfortunately, I am still struggling with a follow-up to “The Rules of Tech Support,”  partially due to increased stress at work.  More on that in a bit.

On the plus side, I managed to release a new short story every month onto my website and “Furst World Problems” has sold a few copies.  I have a furry fantasy collection in the works, so I’m hoping that keeps the momentum going.  I also need to work on finally getting that second tech support book done, but once again, work is making it difficult.


I did not keep up a regular blogging or podcasting schedule as I have been wanting to do.  Part of my problem is what I’m not always sure just where to put things I’ve written: should they go in blog or into an episode of “300 Seconds?”  I am also considering ending my “Con Talk” podcast, which is fun to record, but takes too much time to produce.  Time will tell on that one, but I need to get my own ‘casts and blog going on a regular schedule more than anything else.


Furry Fiesta and San Japan continue to be my favorite cons.  In addition to the usual ones I attend every year, I went to a brony convention (Fiesta Equestria) for the very first time and enjoyed it, despite my not being completely familiar with the source material.  I’d like to do an out-of-state con that doesn’t involve a seven-hour drive, and while I’m not sure that will happen next year, it’s something to shoot for.

I presented my Furry 101 panel at four conventions in 2015: San Japan mini-mini con, Fiesta Equestria, San Japan 8, and RealmsCon,  Two of the panels (San Japan, Realms) were well attended and well-received, but were hampered by the small panel rooms that I was provided with.  One (mini-mini con) was scheduled opposite a big event, so nobody showed up.  My only issue at Fiesta Equestria was not having a place to plug in my less than reliable laptop.  Nearly all of the conventions were about anime; I’d like to present at a comic convention in 2016 and see how that goes.  I am also considering putting together a ‘Furry 101A’ panel to go over the adult/really weird things that I can only gloss over in an all-ages panel.  Time will tell on that one.


I got a semi-promotion at work; managerial duties are now part of what I do.  I call it a ‘semi-promotion’ because my paycheck hasn’t gotten any larger.  Naturally, with increased responsibilities come increased headaches.  I found myself so drained after work during our busy season that I was unable to do any significant writing or really much of anything after work.  Bottom line: I need to get a new job.  Yeah, stop me if you’ve heard THAT one before. 😉


My goal for the New Year is to get more organized so that I can get blogs, podcasts, panels, and books out on a regular basis and build an audience.  Maintaining a regular writing schedule is also a priority and of course, I need to put more effort into finding a new job or at least a position that doesn’t suck at my current company.

The plan for 2016 is just that: to plan things ahead so I can get things done!

So long, 2015!  You were a good one!


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