Signs that the group is a just a BIT older than you are

randomEven though I’m bear-ly in my 40s 😀 I joined an online group for older furries recently.  After a while, my Spidey-Sense began to tell me that most of other folks in the group have at least a decade or two on me:

  1. “Attachment unavailable”
  2. Vertical videos
  3. “I hate that thing that’s popular with the young people!”
  4. Black and white pictures
  5. Scans of actual Polaroid pictures
  6. Pictures rotated the wrong way
  7. Five-year old memes
  8. “Why is this [meme] funny? It makes no sense!”
  9. When people say ‘back in the day’ they REALLY mean it
  10. And of course: “Get off my lawn!”

Facebook Ads are Funny

I don't want to go tto school with Grant, he's creepy!
I don't want to return to school with Grant, he's creepy!

I obviously read the ad wrong, but hey, at least I read the ad.

Booze? Well, that explains how Wall Street lost all that money

I don’t know what they’re selling but what were they THINKING?

Sick? Wild? I'll stick to Pac-Man

I still can’t get used to the word ‘sick’ being used in a good context.