Signs that the group is a just a BIT older than you are

randomEven though I’m bear-ly in my 40s 😀 I joined an online group for older furries recently.  After a while, my Spidey-Sense began to tell me that most of other folks in the group have at least a decade or two on me:

  1. “Attachment unavailable”
  2. Vertical videos
  3. “I hate that thing that’s popular with the young people!”
  4. Black and white pictures
  5. Scans of actual Polaroid pictures
  6. Pictures rotated the wrong way
  7. Five-year old memes
  8. “Why is this [meme] funny? It makes no sense!”
  9. When people say ‘back in the day’ they REALLY mean it
  10. And of course: “Get off my lawn!”

In Defense of “Old Media”

Sony Transistor Radio Model S10MK2
Someone still loves you, radio!

I usually make my weekly run to the grocery store sometime during the weekend, which is probably not the smartest thing to do because everyone else does the same thing.  Of course, life often gets in the way of that plan and I end up going on Monday instead, which is also annoying because it means I have to burn precious after-work-before-bed time.  As I am one of those oddball men that actually likes to shop, it really isn’t that big of a deal because  I can easily spend an entire hour at HEB buying groceries for the week.  It also isn’t unusual for me to show up with a list of five items and leave with twenty…I’m thinking the two are related somehow.

In any event, it was time to go to the grocery store again, but this Monday introduced a new wrinkle: the Spurs were playing and it was an important game.  Like most folks, I don’t pay much attention to basketball until the playoffs arrive, and the Spurs had lost two in a row and so they were in a ‘must-win situation.’  While I would have loved to just sit and watch the game, I had groceries to buy and laundry to do after that, so I made my list, checked it twice, and headed out the door.

Now I have a problem: I can’t keep tabs on the game while I am in the store.  I do have a smartphone, though, so I figured I would open up a web browser and keep tabs on the game via  a sports website.  At the time I left my apartment, it was a close game and waiting for the browser to reload and update the score was agonizing.  It then occurred to me that for all the 4G-dual-core-Flash-touchscreen-whiz-bang technology my smartphone had, I would have been better off with a cheap transistor radio tuned to a local sports station.  Much to my chagrin, the last update came fifteen seconds before the game ended, and I ended up having to visit a different website to get the final score because the page stopped updating.

As great and wonderful as the Internet is, radio and television (aka “the old media”) still outdo the ‘net by leaps and bounds when it comes to things that are happening live.  I am certain many of us remember refreshing our browsers at work every few minutes on 9/11, only to be stuck with pages that loaded slowly, or not at all.  Meanwhile, at the same time TV and radio stations were providing a steady stream of information that kept going independent of how many viewers were watching.  Sure, it wasn’t all ‘interactive’ and ‘social’ and all those things we expect nowadays, but when something is happening right now, give me a radio or a TV set anyday.

You Only Spam The Ones You Love


Yeah, yeah, I know, big whoop, who doesn’t…but I’m not talking about the spam that promises cheap meds, or that king in wherever-it-is who fled the country and needs help getting his money, or the stock WHOSE VALUE IS ABOUT EXPLODE IN JUST A FEW DAYS SO BUY IT NOW!!! Mmm…no.

I can deal with that stuff, spam filters have gotten pretty good these days.

I’m talking about the stupid chain-letters and the stupid collections of “inspiring” or funny images (except for lolcats, they’re alright) and the stupid cutesy messages that well-intentioned friends send. What pisses me off even more is when I get them on my cell phone. Jokes are fine but NO FARKING WAY am I forwarding a message to ten other people because it says “IF U LUV JEBUS SND 2 10 FRNDS K THX BYE” I’d like to think The Almighty has better things to do than count the number of texts I’ve been sending. Also, I barely have ten friends now and so I’d like to hang onto them, thank you very much. (not true, but just I couldn’t resist the setup)

What bothers me isn’t that the spam is coming from friends. What bothers me is that these supposed friends are sending me crap instead of an ACTUAL message of some sort. Even if it is just “HOW U DOIN” or “DNT WRY BE HAPY ” I’d much rather get a personal message that someone put some effort into (even if it was thirty seconds of effort) instead of the same shit that everyone else and their dog is getting. I knew one person that pulled this crap for several months and when I got a new cell phone number, I sure as fark didn’t give it to him.

As a general rule, if the list of recipients is longer than the message itself, its going directly to Binary Hell!

No passing Go, no collecting $200…straight to BINARY FUCKING HELL.


Wii would like to browse

I decided to drop a few bucks and buy the Wii browser. The thought of not having to use my PC to check email sounds pretty nice. I figured if it wasn’t that great, I’d only be out five bucks. I was already pretty impressed with the News and Weather channels built into the Wii, but the fact that the browser was made by Opera gave me pause.

My last experience with Opera was a few years ago, just before it was ready for prime-time. It couldn’t render tables very well, which was a liability when reading forums. It did, however, have tabbed browsing, so it was a bit ahead of its time in that respect.

I have to say, the Wii browser is pretty nice. I can view almost all of my favorite websites just as they appear on my PC (MSNBC chokes on it for some reason, imagine that). It also has Flash support, which unfortunately means Flash ads. Youtube works pretty good, and fullscreen mode is supported. Now, if I can see Zero Punctuation on my 32″ TV, that will rock.

The icing on the cake? USB keyboards work on the Wii, which is a good thing, or else I’d have developed carpal tunnel trying to type this in.

Apparently, LiveJournal doesn’t like the way the Wii handles linefeeds, good thing there’s always good ol’ HTML!

No Zero Punctuation -sob- Hey Opera, when’s that Flash 7 support coming? 😛